Friday, January 15, 2010

New Wallet!

So, I have a philosophy about wallets: why spend money on something you're supposed to put your money IN? Consequentially, I've been using a handmade duct tape wallet for the past four years. However, it was starting to fall apart, and my mom told me it looked like a homeless person's wallet because it was so shabby :( But I did not become depressed by this news! On the contrary, I decided to make a new, even better, wallet!
I just finished my new wallet, and it's pretty awesome, I must say. I made it out of an old batman comic that I got for free at Comic Con. I lined the inside with lining fabric, reinforced the paper with interfacing, and covered the whole thing in packing tape so it's waterp
roof. (Oh, I also used a blanket stitch on the edges to make it stronger). Alright, here's some pictures! :)

Here is a picture of the inside of the wallet. It has pockets in the center section for cards and whatnot.

Here is the front of the wallet all closed up (I used Velcro to keep it closed)

The outside of the wallet opened up all the way.
(In one of the frames Batman says, "Robin, he's coming out!" I didn't even realize this until I had finished the wallet, but I feel like it's a very appropriate "That's what she said" moment - hehe:)

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  1. Wow! this all looks GREAT! you should make more stuff (after you STUDY of course :))