Monday, January 18, 2010

Simplicity At Its Finest

Okay, so this summer I made this really simple bracelet out of old buttons and elastic. I didn't put it on this blog, because it just seemed so easy that no one would care about it. However, I've gotten so many compliments on this bracelet that I can't even count how many people have commented on it, so I decided to post it here.

So as you can see, it's basically lots of brightly colored buttons strung on elastic - simple, easy, and oh so awesome. (I think that the whole project took ten minutes to finish, but I wear it the most out of all of my jewelry!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Madam Malkin's Skirts for All Occasions

So I recently made two skirts, and decided to post them here. I used a pattern and sewing machine. Pretty happy with the end results!

So this is the first skirt I made. It's a waist-high, knee length skirt, and has a very retro, 50's inspired feel to it. The cream coloured fabric is rather pretty - it has embroidered flowers and whatnot, but you can't really see that in the picture :-/

Anyhoo, this skirt was fairly simple to make, but the only problem is that when I started it, I weighed more, and now that it's done, it's too big! It's going to take quite a bit of work to make the waistband a few inches shorter.... *sigh*

This is the second skirt I made. I was in H&M with some friends, and saw this really cute skirt: it was short, had lots of volume, and was shinyyyy. But of course, since it was from H&M, it cost an arm and a leg. However, being the semi-crafty person I am, I said to myself, "Hey, I can make that!" So I did!.

The end result is a mid-thigh length skirt that has lotsss of volume. The picture doesn't really do the fabric justice, but it's made out a semi-shiny navy blue fabric. I like this one, because I feel like I can dress it up or down for different occasions.

(And in case you were wondering, yes, I did title this post with a reference to Harry Potter.)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tying Up Loose Ends

So when I was 13, I got a gift certificate to a craft store, and decided to spend it on latch hook rug kit. My mom cautioned me, saying "That's quite an involved project..." But I ignored her advice, and went for it anyway. When I got home and opened the kit, I was surprisingly terrified by the intricate and complicated instructions, the 15 different shades of grey and off-white, and the sheer size of the thing. Needless to say, I didn't make very quick progress on completing the project.

However, it's been almost 7 years, and I'm proud to say that I've finally finished my koala rug! Thanks to hours and hours of Harry Potter audio books, and a much more patient disposition, I can finally cross another half-finished project off my list :)

Although I didn't put much creativity into this project (since it was a kit), I decided to post it anyway, because I'm just so pleased that it's FINALLY done! :D

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Wallet!

So, I have a philosophy about wallets: why spend money on something you're supposed to put your money IN? Consequentially, I've been using a handmade duct tape wallet for the past four years. However, it was starting to fall apart, and my mom told me it looked like a homeless person's wallet because it was so shabby :( But I did not become depressed by this news! On the contrary, I decided to make a new, even better, wallet!
I just finished my new wallet, and it's pretty awesome, I must say. I made it out of an old batman comic that I got for free at Comic Con. I lined the inside with lining fabric, reinforced the paper with interfacing, and covered the whole thing in packing tape so it's waterp
roof. (Oh, I also used a blanket stitch on the edges to make it stronger). Alright, here's some pictures! :)

Here is a picture of the inside of the wallet. It has pockets in the center section for cards and whatnot.

Here is the front of the wallet all closed up (I used Velcro to keep it closed)

The outside of the wallet opened up all the way.
(In one of the frames Batman says, "Robin, he's coming out!" I didn't even realize this until I had finished the wallet, but I feel like it's a very appropriate "That's what she said" moment - hehe:)